At Milestones, we are obsessed with the homeowner experience.

Knowing that the typical person lives in their home an average of 7 years,  that’s 7 years of opportunity to provide value and solve problems. This in turn creates immense trust.

When people trust you, when you provide value, when you solve problems… guess what: they remember you and refer you too!!  

In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to meet clients where they are, which is living in their homes. With most people not transacting this year, it’s essential to focus more of your energy on the homeowner experience.

How can you provide more value??

What other services can you offer homeowners between transactions?

How can you leverage your vast network of home services professionals for them? 

Luckily with Milestones, you can bring YOUR LIST of home pro’s into one simple place for your clients and homeowners. 

So, again, there are 7 years of opportunity to provide value to homeowners!! Don’t waste it!

Ready to learn about using hubs for your prospects and clients? Schedule a demo to learn more.