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We are excited to announce that Milestones has been named to the 2023 HousingWire Tech100 list for Real Estate.

The Tech100 list recognizes the most innovative and impactful companies in the real estate and mortgage industries. Milestones’ inclusion in the Tech100 list is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that help both real estate and mortgage professionals build long-term relationships with customers.

“We are thrilled to be named to the Tech100 list for 2023,” said Dustin Gray, CEO of Milestones. “This recognition is even further validation of the hard work of our team and our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that help our customers succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.”

The full press release can be found below.

HousingWire Announces the 2023 Tech100 Mortgage and Real Estate Honorees


March 1, 2023

DALLAS, Texas — HousingWire has announced the 2023 Tech100 honorees, recognizing the most innovative technology companies in the housing economy.

For the eleventh year, the Tech100 program provides housing professionals with a comprehensive list of the most innovative and impactful organizations. The list can be leveraged to identify partners and solutions to the challenges that mortgage lenders and real estate professionals face every day.

“As someone who had a front-row seat to watch the housing economy’s tech transformation, I am increasingly in awe of the innovation we have seen from the Tech100 winners year after year,” HW Media Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “With new technologies emerging every day, I am proud to be part of this exciting journey that has positioned the industry to be more efficient, more transparent and more accessible than ever before.”

Each year the Tech100 program has continued to expand and the applicants increase in caliber and innovation as the demand for technology in housing continues to progress. For the fourth year in a row, the Tech100 program has been presented in two groups — Tech100 Mortgage and Tech100 Real Estate — to highlight the innovation and achievements of organizations from both sectors.

“Housing News podcast listeners are well aware of my vision and north star of a more elastic housing market — a housing market powered by technology that enables the same human capital efficient operations at 12 million annual loans as 4 million annual loans. We’re focused on elevating the innovators that are building paths and solutions that enable the largest and most important sector in the U.S. economy to operate efficiently and profitably — the innovators that make housing more accessible and more desirable for the 130 million households that benefit from the stability and economic advantages of homeownership” said Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media. “The Tech100 program is the gold standard for organizations in housing who are at the forefront of the kind of innovation that will change the industry forever.”

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