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Milestones isn’t a CRM. But in fairness, it’s easy to confuse us with one.

CRMs are where professionals work. Portals are where clients interact. To win in today’s world, your company or team needs both.

You already use portals

You already use portals – to manage your personal wealth, health, or academics. Your financial advisor, physician, or school provide access and you interact with them through the portal.

At work, you might use Slack or Microsoft Teams to collaborate. Maybe you also run process-oriented stuff like Asana, Trello, or Monday.

These are awesome tools for internal use – but not so great for client engagement. This is because they lack the guided experience with education and workflow that you’d expect from a client portal.

Your clients don’t login to your CRM

CRMs are indispensable for lead management, email marketing, automated follow-up, and other digital marketing endeavors – but they’re not the same as client portals.

Your clients don’t login to your MoxiWorks, BoomTown, Total Expert, etc. If they did, they’d be confused by functionality and workflows designed for professionals to nurture leads or follow-up on service requests.

So what, exactly, is Milestones?

  • Milestones makes private client portals (“hubs”) for professionals to collaborate with clients
  • There are four types of hubs – buy, move, own, and sell
  • Hubs combine guided workflow, education, two-way collaboration, tasks & events, search, and professional services – everything home-related in one place

We call our solution a ‘Super App’, because it’s applicable to clients throughout the entire decade-long homeowner journey – not just when someone’s transacting.

Your CRM + Milestones = Peanut Butter & Jelly

When we started Milestones in 2019, we knew two things:

  1. We didn’t want to build another CRM – there are already many great options
  2. We’d eventually want to integrate with most of the popular ones

There are dozens of awesome CRMs – take your pick, and we’ll integrate so that your contacts, listings, loans, transactions, or other info syncs with Milestones. Going the other direction, we’ll send your CRM information about all the stuff that happens inside each client hub, so that you can follow-up with clients, coach sales associates, and measure marketing ROI.

Still confused about the difference?

In this short clip, Tom Ferry explains the difference between traditional CRMs and Milestones’ Homeowner Management System.

Ready to learn about using hubs for your prospects and clients? Schedule a demo to learn more.