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Break Free From The Transaction Mindset

Milestones CEO, Dustin Gray, and CMO, Rivers Pearce, were both recently featured on the RealTrending podcast. The conversation focused on how today’s real estate professionals need to break free from the transactional mindset, and position themselves as trusted advisors for all things home-related. This mindset shift is rooted in problem solving for clients not only during the transaction, but more importantly after the transaction.

Dustin went on to say:

“Well, for starters, we don’t like to look at ourselves as disruptors, and here’s why. We are not a direct-to-consumer brand. We are invisible. Our goal is to empower the industry, to build long-term relationships with clients and make those enjoyable for the homeowner, enjoyable for the agent, enjoyable for the lender and have those folks stay connected.” 

You can hear the full podcast on the RealTrends website (login/paywall) and a link to the Apple podcast here.

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