WAV Group recently published a cutting edge white paper on a topic near and dear to our hearts here at Milestones: homeowners under management

In summary, they discuss how the real estate industry is on the brink of a major shift, with the emergence of homeownership portals that are set to transform property search portals and real estate CRMs. While this trend has been slowly evolving for some time, they believe that this year, it is set to happen all at once. They are seeing enterprise brokers, franchise brands, state associations, and large MLSs implementing these tools, signaling a major shift in the industry.

Consumers no longer want to be seen as “leads.” They want to access information on their own terms, and they want to work with someone they know and trust when they have questions. Portals that sell leads to real estate agents are quickly losing favor, as the consumer experience is unsatisfactory; and the real estate agent is often overwhelmed by lead fatigue.

There is a race happening to create the most comprehensive experience for homeownership, with companies like Zillow working on their “Super App,” or Gary Keller discussing “The Great Convergence.”

The idea is to offer consumers an app that supports their entire lifecycle of homeownership – from search, to transact, to move, to own, to sell. Once a consumer adopts a homeownership portal for their home, it is game over for traditional one-dimensional search portals.

In the paper, they reference Milestones, saying: 

Milestones solves this problem. Not only do they have the largest repository of homeowner education, but they also provide a single place for your clients to manage everything relating to homeownership – Buy – Sell – Transact – Move – Own.

The white paper explores the key steps to breaking away from the transactional cycle and maximizing the lifetime value of each client you work with, whether you are an individual agent or part of a brokerage. The strategies outlined in the white paper will help companies establish long-lasting, meaningful connections with clients, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve as the industry continues to evolve.

Download the WAV Group Homeowners Under Management white paper here.



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