Milestones CEO Dustin Gray was featured in a recent conversation with HousingWire on cultivating stronger borrower-lender relationships.

Dustin provides his thoughts on the following:

🤝 How The Current Market Affects Lender-Customer Relationships

From our perspective, it’s time to get busy investing in relationships and playing the long game, while weathering the storm. If you’re an LO, you need to offer your clients something that fits today’s narrative — making the most of the home that you’ve got, while being on-call to help when someone needs to borrow money or move.

🤝 Technology Lenders Use To Improve The Borrower Relationship

They need technology that creates experiences borrowers actually want to keep coming back to on a regular basis in between transactions. 

🤝 Why The Borrower Relationship Is Crucial To The Mortgage Business

In short: the relationship is everything.

🤝 How Milestones Helps Lenders Improve Borrower Relationships

Milestones exists to help lenders increase loyalty — because most consumers transact with a lender once, and then never again. By filling the years-long gap between originations, lenders never lose touch with their clients.

🤝 How Strong Relationships With Agents Helps Lenders Generate Referrals

Today, a mortgage professional can seamlessly bring their real estate agent partners into Milestones — at no cost to the agent — and allow them to provide the same toolset to their respective homeowners and prospects. It creates an ecosystem, or a “home team,” where the homeowner is getting exponentially more value.

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