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InstaMortgage is First to Launch Milestones Homeownership Portals for Client Enrichment

AUSTIN, TX (Sept. 27, 2022) Milestones (, the all-in-one homeowner portal making it easier for consumers to buy, move, sell, manage and access mortgage services for their home, is pleased to announce their partnership with InstaMortgage, a tech-driven mortgage lender licensed in 27 states. The launch follows a Series A investment made in Milestones, which closed earlier this year. InstaMortgage will help consumers understand the value of their property and all of the financial scenarios for refinancing and home equity borrowing.

Milestones is the first technology firm to deliver a homeownership portal similar to consumer offerings in healthcare, personal finance, and education. Milestones monitors the value of your home, provides search for homes for sale, and manages the selling process and the mortgage process. Milestones client portals will be made available to consumers at no cost through InstaMortgage. “The one tool that I have always needed but never had available,” says Jim Black, Chief Lending Officer of InstaMortgage. This is another lending solution from InstaMortgage that differentiates the company and provides a radically different mortgage experience for savvy consumers.

This partnership is the first of its kind and further solidifies InstaMortgage’s position as a technology-driven mortgage company with a specialty in first time home buyers, move up buyers, and trade-in mortgages.

“More than ever, it is critical for mortgage companies to identify opportunities for engaging their existing and prospective customers in new, creative ways,” says Black.

Through Milestones, loan officers will be able to invite clients into web-based homeownership hubs to manage home maintenance, view home value, monitor home sales in their area, search for property, and even identify mortgage refinance, trade-in, or HELOC options. 

The most significant benefit to consumers is having the support of their loan officer in managing the financial position of homeownership between transactions.

“Most loan officers disappear when the ink is dry on the loan,” says Dustin Gray, Milestones Founder and CEO. “Having the loan officer available to answer financial questions throughout the homeownership life cycle is critical to driving repeat client business, and providing tools that support recruiting and retaining great loan officers.”

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