Milestones CEO Dustin Gray was a recent featured guest on the FinTech Hunting Podcast with Michael Hammond.

Tune in to hear Michael and Dustin discuss:

  • Introduction of Dustin Gray, CEO and co-founder of Milestones Labs, a technology evangelist and industry thought leader passionate about helping homeowners.
  • Dustin’s unexpected journey in the real estate and mortgage business, starting as a high school student and becoming a driving force in the industry.
  • The challenges homeowners face and the need for a streamlined and seamless interaction in today’s fast-paced market.
  • Personal experiences shared by Dustin, including purchasing a home sight unseen and undergoing a complete renovation, highlighting the complexities of homeownership.
  • Insights into the various decisions homeowners have to navigate, from finding trustworthy professionals to managing unexpected issues and accessing funds.
  • The innovative vision behind Milestones Labs and how it transforms the traditional transaction-based approach into a lifelong partnership, revolutionizing homeownership navigation.
  • The transformative journey listeners can embark on to revolutionize the way they perceive and navigate homeownership.
  • Valuable insights from Dustin Gray, one of the industry’s brightest minds, providing a fresh perspective on homeownership challenges.
Listen to the podcast here.

You can also watch the full video below!



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