Content Services

Win customers with great content

Develop personalized, timely, and relevant content to engage new leads and nurture your sphere.

Convert more opportunities to closings

Personalize your content

With Milestones landing pages, you can quickly and easily launch dozens or hundreds of websites — for each individual client or customer segment.

Give each customer a tailored experience

Replace the shotgun marketing approach with a laser focus. Create customer portals based on specific client motivations, preferred locations, lifestyles, and more.

We’ll help you make it happen

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Our team of digital marketers will handle everything for you; from developing content to launching sites to optimizing advertising.

Engage customers with articles & videos

Adapt and localize our extensive content library

We’ve developed hundreds of articles and videos about homebuying, selling, and mortgage. Our content services team will adapt them for your local market, with your own face and voice.

Get your own AI-powered digital human

Say goodbye to expensive video production. Visit one of our studios to get your digital avatar, then create hyper-realistic marketing & educational videos in minutes — no camera required!

Pair content with listings for one-stop shopping

Display MLS properties alongside your content to provide a truly engaging experience for homebuyers and sellers.

Ongoing or on-demand

Use our content services team for a single project

Need content for a special project? We’re available on-demand to write articles, shoot photography, create videos, or fly drones (where available).

Get fresh content on an ongoing basis

We’ll create videos & articles and on a weekly or monthly basis, then embed them in personalized landing pages so that you can continuously nurture your sphere.

Have us manage everything

We’ll handle your entire digital marketing, from strategy to execution — including developing campaigns, creating content, building landing pages, and optimizing your advertising budget.

What's new at Milestones

See it in action

Get a demo, then test drive Milestones for your business

See it in action

Get a demo, then test drive Milestones for your business

See it in action

Get a demo, then test drive Milestones for your business